An all-natural pharmacy - at home

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For years, I’ve felt drawn toward a cleaner, purer form of living - and when I found doTERRA oils, I finally could create an all-natural pharmacy in our home, and therefore change the way my family and I live to keep healthy, happy and balanced.*

Peppermint is great for headaches and the only thing we use in our home. Apply one drop intuitively around the halo (just make sure not to get the oil in your eyes. If it do happen, apply coconut oil or olive oils in the eye, essential oils doesn’t react with water).

DigestZen is a blend with Ayurvedic herbs that help against any type of stomach discomfort. I zip on 2 drops of Digest Zen in a large bottle of water during the day and when I’ve had a big meal I like to apply it diluted over my tummy. It is also wonderful to use during long flights to avoid swollenness and digestive discomfort.

On Guard is my number one immun boost oil. It smells wonderful of cinnamon, clove, rosemary and wild orange. We diffuse On Guard in our home every day when the kids come home from day care during autumn and winter months. Also they always use the roller bottle with On Guard before going to daycare.

I treat stress and anxious feelings with doTERRA Peace touch. I apply one drop in my hand and inhale deep. I also love to write a heart over my heart with the roller blend.

For Sleeping issues I highly recommend Lavender and Vetiver (nature’s sleeping pill). I can't imagine a night without these two.

Oregano is Nature’s antibiotic and the oil I use when the cold has hit me and On Guard isn’t enough. I use it diluted under my feet and to gurgle with water (caution: it’s super hot, I recommend to use it in a veggie capsyl and only for 7 days in a row).

A drop of Peppermint in a glass of water cools and balances digestion and relieves tension and bloating.

Clary calm is a fabulous helping hand during menstrual pains and moon cycle distress/PMS.

Melaleuca/Tea Tree is a powerful antiseptic used to clean wounds and Lavender is calming to your skin, any red will be calmed acne, insect bites, dermatitis.

If you’re suffering from nose obstruction, doTERRA Air is fabulous to apply diluated over the chest, as well as diffused into the air at home.

Frankincense promotes healthy inflammatory response and promotes cellular health (healthy cell growths) - I take one drop under my tongue daily.

At times of muscle or joint pain or post-exercise discomfort, rub in Deep Blue to soothe those sore areas.

A drop of Lavender in pure cold-pressed virgin olive oil helped my husband with seasonal allergies.

The list is endless and this is merely a yummy nibble. If you are interested in more uses of essential oils please contact us.


*This is not a substitute for diagnosis, treatment or cure to any illness. For any serious illness or complaint, consult your physician