An all-natural pharmacy - at home!

For years, I’ve felt drawn toward a cleaner, purer form of living - and when I found doTERRA oils, I finally could create an all-natural pharmacy in our home, and therefore change the way my family and I live to keep healthy, happy and balanced.*

A drop of Peppermint and/or Lavender over your temples or where your headache resides is a fabulous way to relieve that heavy feeling.

Peppermint has helped me tremendously in my process of stopping breast-feeding as it decreases milk production.

A drop of Peppermint in a glass of water cools and balances digestion and relieves tension and bloating.

Oregano is Nature’s antibiotic and is perfect to apply topically on small sores and infections (including sore wisdoms’ teeth!), as well as to gurgle at the first symptoms of a common cold.

To release fever for you or your youngster at home, try applying Frankincense and Lavender in carrier oil on the lower back and under the soles of the feet - a powerful antipyretic!

A drop of Lavender in pure cold-pressed virgin olive oil helps with seasonal allergies!

Clary calm is a fabulous helping hand during menstrual pains and moon cycle distress/PMS.

Melaleuca/Tea Tree is a powerful antiseptic used to clean wounds.

A melange of Frankincense, Lavender and Melaleuca/Tea Tree helps small outbreaks, zits and dry skin cracks to heal.

If you’re suffering from nose obstruction, Breathe is fabulous in a drop rubbed in over the chest, as well as diffused into the air at home.

At times of muscle or joint pain or post-exercise discomfort, rub in Deep Blue to soothe those sore areas.

A few drops of DigestZen in a bottle of water is perfect to sip during long flights to avoid swollenness and digestive discomfort.

A mix of Frankincense, Lemon, Oregano Melaleuca/Tea Tree and OnGuard under the soles of the feet helps your body heal more efficiently when caught with a flu or common cold.

The list is endless and this is merely a yummy nibble. If you are interested in more uses of essential oils as plant medicine in your home pharmacy, please contact me 🖤


*This is not a substitute for diagnosis, treatment or cure to any illness. For any serious illness or complaint, consult your physician.

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Elin Boëthius