Do you give yourself permission to feel your feelings?

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself is the permission to feel your feelings. Without judging and without trying to change them, just feel and let it be just as it is. When you allow the feelings to be just as they are without explaining or trying to make them be less something they rinse over us as a wave, and when the wave passes it's over - you can feel good again. It's the idea that it is not supposed to be in a certain way that is hurting us, that we feel too much, too little, wrong or that we are over reacting. No one is feeling good holding on to unprocessed emotions, but that is exactly what we are doing if we are not allowing ourselves to feel our emotions just as they are - however they presenting them selves. It's when we are not allowing ourself to feel that the emotions got stuck in our bodies. The best part is that it's never late to relieve old feelings. You can always return to them. It's just a more painful, longer and more difficult way, but it's never to late❤️

I like to smell Breathe and even apply it over my heart. Breathe helps me to breathe deeper, accept and stay in the present. And when I'm ready Breathe helps me to let go of what has been on an exhale. And on a inhale give space for the now and what I want more of.

Do you allow yourself to feel your feelings?

Elin Boëthius