The oil of communication

Are you speaking your truth? For many years I had problems with my throat, I easily got a sore throat, I lost my voice and many times there was like a big lump there. What I didn't know then was that it was my body trying to communicate with me. I didn't understand that all of the above signs was telling me that I was not speaking my truth. I believe that I didn't even know what my truth was.

To find my truth I have followed everything that feels expansive, exiting and joyful and the hardest of all has been to communicate to everyone one around me who I am and what my truth is. My head has many times tried to speak me out of situations, tried to keep me safe and that I should continue go against the one that I am. But the amazing thing is that the more times you decide to go in the direction of what is feeling expansive and telling your truth the easier it gets. It’s like a rubber band that is doing all it can to hold you back and keep you small. I have had millions of excuses and reasons why now is not the right time. And then when you do take the step towards your truth, the things that before felt impossible all of a sudden feel comfortable and you wonder why you haven't done that before. The rubber band has become elastic and your comfort zone has widen.   

An oil that can help you on finding your truth and to communicate it is Lavender - The Oil of  Communication & Calm. Apply it on your throat chakra and feel into what is true for your. Don't wait until you feel ready to take steps towards your truth, than you will wait forever. You just have to realize and deal with that it is uncomfortable in the beginning and the reward is showing itself later.




Elin Boëthius