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Everythingessential Bookmark this free website for finding which oil to use for every health question.


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Modern essential app Every oil and blend is listed in this easy-to-use app. It’s available for iPhone and Android and allows you to search in three different ways: by ailment (e.g. headache, sleep), by essential oil or blend (e.g. Peppermint or Protective Blend), or by body system (e.g. digestive) You can also browse oils and blends to add to your wishlist.


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The Essential basics. This book will give both the novice oil user and the oil expert insight into using essential oils not only to address health concerns, but also for everyday use in the home through cooking, cleaning, blending, gardening, pets & much more. 


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I highly recommend the beautiful book Emotions & Essential Oils. In this book essential oils are introduced as powerful emotional healers. This book bridges the gap between the physical and emotional aspects of essential oils and creates a user-friendly guide for taking charge of your emotional health. Each oil is written about with profound insight and understanding of its innate properties and gifts, and the result is as poetic as it is practical.


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In The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, you will learn how to heal hormonal chaos and revitalize the body from the inside out with the support of high-quality essential oils. You'll learn how essential oils work on a cellular level to mitigate the toxic loads we carry, and how to use essential oils to reduce cravings, get deep, restful sleep, ease stress, improve mood, banish the worst symptoms of PMS, regain focus and concentration, boost libido, and increase energy.


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Glas containers, spray bottles, roller bottles - all you need when you are using your essential oils for making cleaning DIYs and beauty DIYs. YES, it's important with glass and to not use plastic with your oils.