Dr Marie's daily routine


The moment I wake up, I indulge in the sweetness of Passion applied on my wrists and in the nape off my neck - yum..

Before morning yoga practice, I inhale Breathe to open up my airways and my Heart.

My body kicks off the day with Lemon in hot water and in my super greens breakfast smoothie.

During the day, I add Lemon and Peppermint to my drinking water - incredibly refreshing!

When I dance around in my home to Florence and the Machine, I breathe in Elevation (and add more Passion to my skin!) to lift my mood. Let's always keep dancing!

Frankincense is my trusted and beloved house Guru for intuitive decision-making and MAGIC.

At my desk, I apply Melaleuca/Tea Tree on my wrists for boundary protection and I let Breathe diffuse, to open up and be in clarity during working hours.

After a dance workout, a strenuous yoga class or a long puppy walk, I apply Deep Blue to the sensitive areas of my lower back - my life-saver!

At night it's all about Lavender. Before evening kriya meditation, I inhale, drink (a drop in a glass of water)  - and then to induce and balance my sleep, I also add Lavender to the soles of my feet for a restful night.


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