Hanne Lina’s female embodiment daily routine


 I'll start off by taking a drop of Peppermint under my tounge to kick start my day. 

You find Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense in my facial oil. And Frankie you'll also find under my tongue (for cell rejuvenation) and as a mix with all my other oils. Because everything just gets better with Frankie

When I'm diving into pleasure mode, whether it's pleasure filled work or sensual self care I put Ylang Ylang on my pressure points. It amplifies my femininity.   

Lemon in my drinking water, for the lovely taste and detoxification of the liver.

Balance whenever I need, yes more balance. It makes me calm just opening the bottle.  

Peppermint in the water for digestive harmony and over my temples and forehead for headache.

Sometimes I just don't use any oils because the day is simply running away from me. But what I NEVER forget about is my night routine. I set my phone on flight mode and then I put Lavender and Vetiver on my temples, forehead, under my nose and under my foots. I send out a prayer of gratitude and then I sleep like a queen (until my son kicks me in my belly that is).  


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