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Just follow these 9 steps and your oils will soon be on there way to you!
If something is not working out for you email us at or send us a text at +46 738 78 44 48

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Step 1

Click at the name of the person who introduced you to these goodies.

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Step 2

Click Join & Save in the upper menu.

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Step 3

Scroll down and choose Join doTERRA

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Step 4

Choose the country and language that's appropriate for you

If you are from Sweden I recommend that you choose language English - Europe.

if you live in Sweden choose Europe and Sweden.

Click contine!

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Step 5

Choose Wholesale Customer and click Contine.

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Step 6

Enter your personal information according to the picture and click My shipping address is the same.

If you live in Sweden choose timezone Bryssel.

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Let enroller ID and sponsor ID be the same number.

Allocate yourself a password.

Click continue.

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Step 7

Choose one of the enrollment kits from the upper meny:
- Family Essentials + Beadlets Kit (English)
- AromaTouch Diffused Enrolment Kit (English - EU Plug)
- Essential Aromatics Diffused Kit (English - EU Plug)
- Cleanse & Restore Kit (English)
- Home Essentials Kit (English - EU Plug)
- Natural Solutions Kit (English - EU Plug)
- Essential Oil Collection (English - EU Plug)

Click Add to cart.

Click view totals.

If you want to start with your own choice of oils and supplements just type the name or the number (e.g Bergamot #30790805) of the product in the search bar Enter additional item or product name. Make sure you remember to add the memership fee doTERRA Essentials Booklet + Enrolment Fee (English) #60208127 so that you will have the 25% discount.

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Step 8

Click My billing address is the same.

I recommend that you chosse Please save payment information.

Click Process order now & continue to come to the payment.

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Step 9

Enter your Credit Card details and click Process Order.

When your credit card is accepted you will come to a page with your order confirmation.

Next a new window is opening up, just click No, I.

Congratulations you have now opened your account and your oils will soon be on their way to you!